ARCHES - Analyzing Research Careers & Humor in Engineering & Science

Project Description

The project explored the role of interpersonal humor in the workplace for career success in science and engineering. Specifically, we developed a humor training and tested its effectiveness in enabling employees to proactively improve their  career success. In a first step, we determined the use of humor in the workplace via an employee survey. Building on our findings from this survey and based on the findings from the randomized controlled trial using the humor training, the project provides information on how the use of humor in the workplace affects career success.


The project draws on psychological, economic and sociological approaches and combines different empirical methods (interviews, surveys, experiments).

Project Team

The project team consists of Prof. Dr. Agnes Bäker, Dr. Jamie L. Gloor, Ramon Gmür and Felix Wüthrich.



ARCHES research at the 81st Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Research on the effects of workplace humor use by Agnes Bäker, Jennifer Hofmann and Mario Mechtel has been accepted for presentation at the 81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management.


Humor research at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Jamie L. Gloor (UZH) and Rashpal Dhensa-Khalon (Surrey) organized a symposium on workplace humor within and across hierarchies. Dr. Gloor presented her paper (joint with Cecily Cooper and Lynn Bowes-Sperry) on "Humor in uncertainty improves work relations and diversity?". Also see:


SAVE THE DATE! 2nd Annual Winter Workshop on Humor (Jan. 30-31, 2020)

We are delighted to share that we have just received funding from the Graduate Camus for our 2nd annual interdisciplinary workshop on humor (January 30-31, 2020). Organizers include Jenny Hoffmann (Psychology), Jamie Gloor (Business), and Fiorina Giuliani (Psychology). We will welcome an international group of early career scholars (i.e., Master's and PhD students, post-docs, assistant or junior professors) from different disciplines for our 2-day event in Zurich featuring keynotes from Sam Yam (NUS) and Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock (Hamburg), paper development roundtables for early career scholars' own research, critical issue/measurement discussions, and networking. Applications will include a short abstract, motivation, and CV, due sometime later this fall. 


The interdisciplinary Winter Workshop: Workplace Humor on January 7th and 8th, 2019 organized by Jamie Gloor (business), Jenny Hofman (psychology) and Christian Kastner (psychology) brought together humor scholars from different disciplines and across continents for an inspiring, enlightening and fun event. 


First Humor Project Presentation at International Leadership Conference

In early May, an intimate, interdisciplinary group of 80 or so top leadership scholars gathered for the 3rd Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Leadership Symposium(IPLS) on "What Leaders Actually Do" in Crete, Greece. Jamie Gloor presented the conceptual approach for our first paper from our humor project on potential leaders' humor use.


We have just won funding by the UZH Graduate Campus for an exciting, interdisciplinary event for early career humor scholars. Please reserve the dates (January 7th - 8th, 2019) now and plan to be in Zurich!