The Library of Business Administration is responsible for entering your publications into the open access platform of the UZH, ZORA or Merlin for all members of the institute.

Please send the bibliographic data of the publication and the manuscript accepted by the publisher to We will then enter them into Merlin, the WWF information system, and the publications will be automatically transferred to the open access platform ZORA.


Full text versions

According to the Open Access strategy of the UZH, researchers are obliged to deposit a full text in Merlin/ZORA if it is legally permissible.
Information and examples can be found here
Which publications are not transferred from Merlin to ZORA?

The following publications can be entered in Merlin, but are not transferred to ZORA

  • Abstracts (conference contributions that are only published as a summary)
  • Blog posts
  • Scripts/Teaching materials
  • Internal, unpublished research reports and papers (e.g. internal research reports to donors, commissions or offices)
  • Pre-publications (pre-prints), which are not yet published and are preliminary stages to later publications
  • Poster
  • Powerpoint presentations from conferences
  • Conference contributions and lectures that are not published
  • Articles in newspapers that are not listed in the guide pure translations without annotations
  • Bachelor Theses


We are pleased to be able to support you in your work and will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.