Library Services for the Department

  • Ordering books or e-books for the library collection or your reference library. Book request
  • Ordering and administration of journals or e-journals for the library collection. Journal request
  • Licensing of databases for the library. Database request


  • Introduction in catalogue research and use of the library for your staff


  • Provide a textbook collection containing multiple copies of the basic literature on WWF lectures


  • Provide a seminar collection containing relevant books of study literature to the WWF lectures


  • Entering publications in Merlin


  • Ordering documents and journal articles from libraries in Switzerland and abroad


  • Free ordering of journal articles from the storage library. (Applies only to orders via the library). Information about the cooperative storage library in Büron


  • Sale of lecture scripts and selected books


  • Information about research data management at the UZH can be found here
  • Information about Open Access can be found here


We are looking forward to hearing from you.