Download the OwnCloud Client

For any operating system you will find the OwnCloud client software Sie here.

For Windows based systems that are managed by IBW IT you may also use the software repository as an installation source. You find it in Control Panel -> Programs -> Run Advertised Programs.

Initial Client Configuration

Once you have downloaded and installed the client software you need to configure it:

Server Address: https://cloud.business.uzh.ch/owncloud/
username: your UZH shortname
password: your IBW password

If you are unsure what your IBW password is please ask us.

Access to the OwnCloud web user interface

You can always manage your OwnCloud directories via web user interface. To access it open up a browser and go to this URL: https://cloud.business.uzh.ch. Use your UZH shortname and your IBW password to access your cloud share.

Share a folder with other people

You can create shares in the OwnCloud web user interface only.

To create a share you need to create a folder first. Create a folder by clicking the 'Neu' button, define the name of the folder and confirm. Once created use the 'share' symbol to share the folder with the individuals or user groups available in the system. If your user group or chosen individual is not available please ask your designated administrator.

If you are not a designated administrator you can not add new users. Only designated administrators can new users.