Dr. Martin Grossmann

Senior Research Assistant








Office hours:   

Plattenstrasse 14

Room PLM-G-207

CH-8032 Zürich

+41 (0)44 634 53 15


by arrangement

Short Bio

Martin is a senior researcher at the Chair for Services & Operations Management at the University of Zurich. He studied Economics and wrote his doctoral thesis and habilitation on topics in sports economics, management compensation and contest theory at the University of Zurich. Martin is also affiliated to the School of Business at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts where he is a lecturer and the Head of the Group “Mathematics and Statistics”.

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Selected Publications

  • Grossmann, M., Lang, M. & Dietl, H. (2016). Why Taxing Executives' Bonuses Can Foster Risk- Taking Behavior. Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 172(4), 645–664.
  • Dietl, H., Grossmann, M., Hefti, A. & Lang, M. (2015). Spillovers in Sports Leagues with Promotion and Relegation. Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 62(1), 59–74.
  • Grossmann, M. (2015). Evolutionarily Stable Strategies in Sports Contests. Journal of Sports Economics, 16(1), 108–121.
  • Grossmann, M. & Dietl, H. (2015). Heterogeneous Outside Options in Contests. European Journal of Political Economy, 37, 280–287.
  • Grossmann, M. (2014). Uncertain Contest Success Function. European Journal of Political Economy, 33, 134–148.
  • Dietl, H., Duschl, T., Grossmann, M. & Lang, M. (2013). Explaining Cooperative Enterprises through Knowledge Acquisition Outcomes. Managerial and Decision Economics, 34(3–5), 258–271.
  • Dietl, H., Grossmann, M., Lang, M. & Wey, S. (2013). Incentive Effects of Bonus Taxes in a Principal-Agent Model. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 89, 93–104.
  • Grossmann, M. & Dietl, H. (2012). Asymmetric Contests with Liquidity Constraints. Public Choice, 150(3), 691–713.
  • Dietl, H., Grossmann, M. & Lang, M. (2011). Competitive Balance and Revenue Sharing in Sports Leagues with Utility-Maximizing Teams. Journal of Sports Economics, 12(3), 284– 308.

Download complete list of publications here (PDF, 104 KB)