Current Research Projects

An overview of our ongoing and completed research projects can be found in the research data bank Research Projects

Selected research areas of the staff

Prof. Dr. Andrea Schenker-Wicki

  • Complex Learning
  • Quality management systems in universities
  • Terror and crisis management: Systems analysis
  • Dealing with Complexity of Systems: New Qualitative Approaches
  • Systems theory and financial crises

Dr. Xinhua Wittmann

  • Employees' well-being and organizational performance - An intercultural perspective

Mathias Beck

  • Public innovation stimulation in Switzerland (e.g. subsidies, R&D mobility)
  • The impact of R&D and innovation
  • Collaborative innovation
  • Strategic R&D alliances

Stefano Nigsch

  • Quality Management in Business Schools
  • External funding and university efficiency

Katherine Caves