Francesco Maria De Collibus

Research Associate

Tel.:  +41 44 634 29 18

“Mixing one's wines may be a mistake, but old and new wisdom mix admirably.”

Bertolt Brecht

Francesco is a seasoned IT professional with an unquenchable enthusiasm for learning and discovery.  He holds a “Laurea” degree (4 years) in Philosophy (2003), a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2006) and a Master of Science in Information Technology  (2012), all three of them from University of Milan. He has many years of  international experience in IT, having worked since 2006  for banking, software, telco and insurance companies. During his studies, he gathered useful side experiences working as a writer and journalist for tv channels, newpapers and social media. In IBM Francesco coauthored 2 technical Redbooks and holds 4 patents. Outside of work he published 4 books: one novel (1999), two books about social media (2012-2013) and one about Bitcoin and Blockchain (2016)
In 2018 he started as a PhD student at the URPP Social Networks Group, where he conducts research on Blockchain and Social Networks under the supervision of professor Claudio J. Tessone.  At the same time he keeps working at AXA as an Enterprise Architect, because  there are just so many interesting points of contact between industry and academia.
Research focus: Blockchain, Social Networks.