Social Network Analysis

Christian Steglich

Researcher at the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Groningen.



Ph.D. Seminar

Date: 01.10. - 05.10.2012 (09:30 - 17:00)
Location: HIM-E-4

Course Description:
The objective of this PhD course is to provide an introduction to social network analysis and methods relevant to research in business. Social network research is somewhat unique in that it asks questions not only about characteristics of people or organizations, or even about characteristics of relations among people or organizations, but about the pattern or structure of these relations. That requires both different theories and different research methods. So, the course covers both theory/concepts and methods/techniques.

For the theoretical concepts and mechanisms, we will draw mostly on literature in sociology and organization research since this is where much of the theory and best research has originated. For the methods, we will focus on basic deterministic quantitative tools applied in recent research, but merely to raise awareness of them.

Required Readings:

Course Outline

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“Access to Social Network Analysis course outline and material”



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Organized by:
Prof. Dr. René Algesheimer