Guest Lecture Series

"We do not retreat from reality, we rediscover it."

C. S. Lewis

The UZH's Guest Lecture Series in Marketing & Economics has been designed both to attract world-class academic speakers to the University of Zurich and to offer state-of-the-art skills in marketing and economics to our students. Since 2009, a number of international experts have been incited to reflect on the methodological advancements in marketing and economics. Below, you can read details of all speakers and their lectures to date. All biographical details are correct at the time the lecture took place.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the Zurich Graduate School of Business as sponsor of the guest lecture series.

René Algesheimer


Prof Dr. Katherine White, UBC Sauder School of Business, Canada
SHIFTing Consumer Behaviour to be More Sustainable

PhD Seminar, scheduled 18.10 - 20-10.2021


Dr. Thomas Grund, University College Dublin, Ireland
Advanced Social Network Analysis
Ph.D. seminar, scheduled 17.10. - 21.10. 2016


Prof. Dr. Guido Caldarelli, School of Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy
Management of Complex Systems
Ph.D. seminar, scheduled 17.10. - 21.10. 2016



Prof. Dr. Peter Ebbes, École des hautes études commerciales, Paris, France
Advanced Empirical Methods in Marketing
Ph.D. seminar, scheduled 27.04. - 30.04. 2015



Prof. Dr. Skyler Cranmer, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
Introduction to Exponential Random Graph Models
Ph.D. seminar, scheduled 05.05. - 07.05. 2014


Prof. Santo Fortunato, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
PhD Seminar in Business Analytics and Big Data
Ph.D. seminar, scheduled 21.01. - 22.01. 2014



Prof. Santo Fortunato, Aalto University, Finland
Network Dynamics
Ph.D. seminar, scheduled 25.11. - 29.11. 2013



Prof. Gerard J. Tellis, USC Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles
Modeling Marketing Dynamics
Ph.D. seminar, scheduled 28.05. - 01.06. 2012


Christian Steglich, Ph.D., Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Groningen
Social Network Analysis
Ph.D. seminar, scheduled 01.10. - 05.10. 2012



Prof. Yuxin Chen, Ph.D.
Sauder School of Business
Advanced Topics in Empirical Modeling
Ph.D. seminar, 22.-25.11.2011


Prof. Robert Kozinets, Ph.D., Schulich School of Business:
Modern Consumer Behavior
Master Seminar, 12.-15.09.2011



Prof. Yuxin Chen, Ph.D., Kellogg Graduate School of Management
Applications of Behavioral Economics in Marketing
Ph.D. seminar, 02.-06.12.2010


Prof. Asim M. Ansari, Columbia Business School
Choice and Demand Modeling: Latest Approaches
Ph.D. seminar, 11.-13.11.2010


Prof. Oded Netzer, Ph.D. & Prof. Oded Koenigsberg, Ph.D.
both Columbia Business School
Analytical and Dynamic Choice Modeling
Ph.D. seminar, 11.-14.10.2010



Prof. Richard P. Bagozzi, Ph.D., Stephen M. Ross School of Business
Research Methods in the Behavioral and Social Sciences
Ph.D. seminar, 07.-12.12.2009


Prof. Asim M. Ansari & Prof. Oded Koenigsberg
Introduction in Analytical & Bayesian Modeling in Marketing
Ph.D. seminar, 13.-15.10.2009