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Prototyping data science products

(Fall semester, Seminar)

Prototyping UZH



The main objective is to teach students how to transform their ideas and data science knowledge into a product prototype. During the seminar, the students will improve their programming skills in R (or Python, at their choice), learn to apply machine learning techniques to a concrete problem, create a product prototype and run it on the cloud. All participants will receive free credits on the Google Cloud Platform (courtesy of a Google Educational Grant) that they can use to get familiar with the services and cover the cost of running their product prototype.

Learning outcome:

The seminar gives an overview of the fundamental steps needed to create a product prototype for a data science web application. Topics include getting familiar with google cloud computing platform, training machine learning algorithms, structuring a project and running it on the cloud. Most services we discuss provide a high-level, user friendly (often graphical) interface. Therefore, no previous knowledge of cloud infrastructure is required.

Syllabus: Syllabus - Prototyping Data Science Products (PDF, 237 KB)

Dr Radu Tanase
Debora Costa



Target audience:
MA students with basic programming and machine learning knowledge, who are interested in turning their ideas into a web application. Assigned to “Wahlpflichtbereich BWL 4”.

Each Fall Semester




Course material:
Slides, videos and learning resources will be provided during the seminar


Students can choose to program in either R or Python. Therefore, we recommend the following courses:
A non-technical introduction to R (or equivalent knowledge)
A non-technical introduction to Python (or equivalent knowledge).

Recommended prior knowledge:
Good programming knowledge in R or Python. Basic knowledge of machine learning.


Online Exercises (30%)
Group Project (60%)
Peer evaluation (10%)

Dates and Location:

Thursday, 22.09.2022, 16-20h
Thursday, 29.09.2022, 16-20h
Thursday, 20.10.2022, 16-20h
Thursday, 03.11.2022, 16-20h
Thursday, 01.12.2022, 16-20h

Location: TBA VVZ

Further information:

The number of participants is limited to 20. Application for this seminar is via the new module booking tool: In your application, please include your CV, transcript, and a short letter of motivation.

This information supports the official information in the electronic university calendar (VVZ – Vorlesungsverzeichnis). In case of doubt, the official information at the VVZ is valid.

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