Personal Branding and Digital Marketing

(fall semester, lectures and exercises)

Personal Branding


Course Purpose:

The course is a hands-on introduction to the best practices of brand management and digital marketing proven to build and foster a personal brand. Branding is one of the core marketing disciplines. It describes the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product or a service in the consumer’s mind through consistent communication themes. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market to attract and retain customers.

The course, conceived as an “interactive, ongoing workshop,” introduces bachelor students to the cultural terrain of brand-building and digital marketing. Students will become accustomed to, understand, and apply branding techniques typically used in digital channels. The program is designed to motivate and encourage participants to practice these concepts in hands-on exercises, develop a spirit of problem-solving, and enhance their ability to think in business terms. The course presents best-in-class examples offering both strategic and operational perspectives of marketing management.

This course should (a) support students in creating an understanding of personal brands and branding strategies, (b) demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of using different digital marketing techniques, (c) develop strategic thinking needed to create and feedback on a digital marketing plan, (d) build up an ecosystem of social media platforms supporting the launch of a new brand in the digital environment, and (e) help students to feed, grow and analyze the digital performance of brands.



Alex Mari


Office: Andreasstrasse 15, CH-8050 Zurich, Switzerland

Office hours by appointment.


Lectures and exercises.


Target audience:
Bachelor students assigned to the “Wahlpflichtbereich” BWL 4.


Each fall semester.





The course is fast-paced, practical, and interactive. There will be a mix of lectures, case studies, group exercises, and self-reflecting tasks throughout the course. In this course, we:

- discuss personal brands as an essential professional asset;

- review different branding strategies and how to align them to professional career objectives;

- emphasize how digital marketing theories and frameworks support the brand-building process;

- set-up a social media ecosystem consisting of several platforms to self-organize and promote a brand in the digital environment and beyond;

- introduce AI-based software and other tools for digital marketing management to feed, grow, analyze and automate your performance;

- lay your hands on brands to gain practical experience through regular interactive exercises.

This course develops digital abilities in students pursuing careers in any industry as managers or entrepreneurs, regardless of their functional expertise and company size.

The course content is designed to be maximally practical and help students acquire highly demanded digital skills in the marketplace. Each session represents a “building block” connected to one another, which enables students to apply all learned principles, week after week, to their branding project.

A hands-on and can-do attitude is highly recommended. Ongoing exercise is needed next to the class. Respective material will be given in class.

We are pleased to welcome you to this course. And now: Let’s go digital!



This course does not have entry requirements.





Officially register using the booking tool at the University of Zurich. An individual application for this class is not necessary.



The multiple-choice exam in January accounts for 100% of the final grade (see syllabus).


Class Dates:

From 20.09.2022 to 25.10.2022; Each Tuesday from 14:15 to 18:00h.



Please see the respective information posted on our website and in the VVZ (Vorlesungsverzeichnis).


Important Dates:

Deadline to submit presentation: 08.11.2022, 23:59h (not negotiable)

Deadline to submit optional certificates: 08.11.2022, 23:59h (not negotiable)

Final exam: The examination of the module will be carried out online on January 10th, 2023 (14:00h - 16:00h). Students can take the exam from any location as long as they have an optimal setup, i.e., a stable internet connection and a quiet room.



Download the updated course syllabus for the fall semester of 2022 here (PDF, 580 KB).


Important Notes:

The syllabus supports the official information in the electronic university calendar. In cases of doubt, the official announcement at the VVZ is valid.