Digital Marketing Applications

(fall semester, seminar)

"Social media allows us to behave in ways that we are hardwired for in the first place - as humans. We can get frank recommendations from other humans instead of from faceless companies."

Francois Gossieaux

In this seminar we will discuss recent developments in modern marketing with a focus on Digital Marketing.

Prof. Dr. René Algesheimer, Niklas Fruth, Alex Mari

Prof. Dr. René Algesheimer


Target audience:
MA students, assigned to “Wahlpflichtbereich BWL 4”

fall semester


Work load statement:

Part Workload Total Time
Course attendance Introductory lecture, 3 tutorials & 2 final sessions 12h
Written documentation 4 weeks à 5h 30h
Course work   40h
Oral presentation   8h
Total   90h

Maximum number of students:


This seminar is designed to meet the needs of marketing undergraduates. It is intended for future managers in all areas of modern marketing interested in planning, preparing, developing and evaluating integrated marketing campaigns across different media outlets.
This year, we work on your digital appearance. Either you are (or would like to be) a social media influencer, or you have your own brand or product online, or you work in a context having a digital presence that you can co-design and work with, then you are welcomed in the seminar! If you are not, you can still participate. Read the procedure below.
This digital complexity in our daily life requires a new way of thinking from a marketing manager. These thoughts, concepts and techniques will be necessary for the rest of your professional life and we are sure that quite a lot of your career will depend on your ability to understand and apply digital. If you feel moved by this idea, then this seminar is the way to go. However, as this seminar tries to be close to recent developments, you will not have a textbook to follow. We will instead concentrate - whenever necessary - on recent research articles and developments. If the University is not a playground for experimenting, then where else? Our promise is that after participating in this course, you will have a completely new outlook on modern marketing.
This course provides an introduction to modern marketing thinking, the integration of traditional and new media, techniques and applications to real world problems. The seminar follows a hands-on experiental learning approach. Four groups will work on individual student projects that follow one specific objective that should be achieved through a concrete digital marketing campaign. Depending on the projects suggested, specific topics such as internet marketing, internet business models, social media marketing, community marketing, mobile marketing including techniques such as social network analysis, community detection, social media monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs), Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Trends & Insights, search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing or information mining might be covered and discussed.
This seminar follows a supervized self-learning workshop format, through which you’ll find the skills necessary to think like marketers in order to connect with customers digitally.
Let’s go digital.



Required reading:
If necessary, a reader with required articles is handed-out in class.

A very strong interest in digital marketing topics. It is strongly recommended to participate in the lecture „Digital Marketing“ (MOEC0584) offered by Prof. Andrea Giuffredi-Kaehr (VVZ-Nr. 0582) in parallel to this seminar. While the lecture focusses on the core Digital Marketing concepts, the seminar applies them in concrete campaigns.


The number of participants is limited. To apply for the seminar, you are required to upload your CV, your academic transcript (grades), and a brief motivation letter via the new module booking tool:»

Participation, discussion, oral presentation, and written documentation.

Dates and Location:

Mon, 19.09.2022, 14:15-17:45h 

Mon, 03.10.2022, 14:15-15:45h 

Mon, 17.10.2022, 14:15-15:45h 

Mon, 31.10.2022, 14:15-15:45h 

Mon, 14.11.2022, 14:15-15:45h 

Mon, 28.11.2022, 14:15-17:45h 

Location: TBA  VVZ

Further information:

In case of a successful application, you will be automatically registered for the course.

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