Digital Marketing Applications

(fall semester, seminar)

"Social media allows us to behave in ways that we are hardwired for in the first place - as humans. We can get frank recommendations from other humans instead of from faceless companies."

Francois Gossieaux

In this seminar we will discuss recent developments in modern marketing with a focus on Digital Marketing.

Prof. Dr. René Algesheimer, Niklas Fruth, Tony Mola, Alex Mari

Prof. Dr. René Algesheimer


Target audience:
MA students, assigned to “Wahlpflichtbereich BWL 4”

fall semester


Work load statement:

Part Workload Total Time
Course attendance Introductory lecture, 3 tutorials & 2 final sessions 12h
Written documentation 4 weeks à 5h 30h
Course work   40h
Oral presentation   8h
Total   90h

Maximum number of students:


This seminar is designed to meet the needs of marketing undergraduates. It is intended for future managers in all areas of modern marketing interested in planning, preparing, developing and evaluating integrated marketing campaigns across different media outlets.
This year, we work on your digital appearance. Either you are (or would like to be) a social media influencer, or you have your own brand or product online, or you work in a context having a digital presence that you can co-design and work with, then you are welcomed in the seminar! If you are not, you can still participate. Read the procedure below.
This digital complexity in our daily life requires a new way of thinking from a marketing manager. These thoughts, concepts and techniques will be necessary for the rest of your professional life and we are sure that quite a lot of your career will depend on your ability to understand and apply digital. If you feel moved by this idea, then this seminar is the way to go. However, as this seminar tries to be close to recent developments, you will not have a textbook to follow. We will instead concentrate - whenever necessary - on recent research articles and developments. If the University is not a playground for experimenting, then where else? Our promise is that after participating in this course, you will have a completely new outlook on modern marketing.
This course provides an introduction to modern marketing thinking, the integration of traditional and new media, techniques and applications to real world problems. The seminar follows a hands-on experiental learning approach. Six groups will work on individual student projects that follow one specific objective that should be achieved through a concrete digital marketing campaign. Depending on the projects suggested, specific topics such as internet marketing, internet business models, social media marketing, community marketing, mobile marketing including techniques such as social network analysis, community detection, social media monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs), Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Trends & Insights, search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing or information mining might be covered and discussed.
This seminar follows a supervized self-learning workshop format, through which you’ll find the skills necessary to think like marketers in order to connect with customers digitally.
Let’s go digital.



Required reading:
A reader with required articles is handed-out in class.

A very strong interest in digital marketing topics. No a priori course attendance required, but Marketing Analytics I is helpful.


To apply for the seminar, please, send us your CV, your grades and a short motivation letter via E-mail till 8.09.2020. If you receive our positive confirmation by September 12th at the latest, THEN you are asked and allowed to officially book this seminar using the “Modulbuchungstool”. Booking the seminar without a positive confirmation from our Chair is not implying the right to attend the course. In this case the course will be graded as failed.

Participation, discussion, oral presentation, and written documentation.

Dates and Location:

1st meeting Tuesday, 22.09.20, 12.15-13.45h:
Welcome, introduction to the seminar, group forming, group matching with topic, introduction of the client, groups receive the briefing of the client with their objectives for a marketing campaign.
Objectives of the week: Within your group, create first ideas for video marketing campaigns, write down ideas, questions, first answers up until the next meeting.
2nd  workshop Tuesday, 29.09.20, 12:15 - 13:45
This meeting is voluntary. We’ll meet within the office of our video agency and will receive an introduction into video production. The expert is introducing us into video, story-telling, mood boards, cuts, equipment, video recording, video editing, and campaigning. This workshop is a unique opportunity for those who want to learn more about video production for social media campaigning. The experts are present to answer your questions.
In this workshop, we are going to discuss the following:
- Introduction of Blackframe, our video experts
- What makes a good video?
- What are the secrets of story-telling?
- What is important in respect to the video itself?
- What is important in respect to audio?
- What gear to use for video production and how to use it?
- How to get good light in videos?
- How to get exciting moves in video production?
- How to edit videos in post-production?
- What works on social media how (native advertising)? With case studies.
- How does user generated content work? With case studies.
- How does user branding work? With case studies.
- How does influencer marketing work? With case studies.
- How does classical TV advertising work? With case studies.
- How do social media algorithms work and influence profiles?
- How to feed social media algorithms?
- How to understand and use algorithms?
- What are the target audiences of our business partner?
- Brainstorm
3rd meeting Tuesday, 20.10.20, 12.15-13.45h
The clients will join us, groups are able to discuss their initial ideas with the client and the experts, receive feedback and identify areas that need further improvements.
Objectives of the week: Write-down your full marketing campaign concept and submit it up until 30.09.2019 to
4th meeting Tuesday, 24.11.20, 12.15-13.45h
Video campaign has to be presented to the client, who decides to accept or reject the concept or demand modifications.
Objectives of the week: One week left to modify concept. In November all student groups will then be able to product their videos. During the campaign, students have always to verify
What they have done?
How successful this was?
How they reacted and what they potentially changed?
How successful the change was?
Overall success of the campaign measured by traditional KPIs?
5th meeting Tuesday, 8.12.20 12.15-13.45h
Only if necessary on request
Monday, 09.12.19, 12am Submission of final presentation slides
6th meeting Tuesday, 15.12.20, 12.15-13.45h
Final presentations:
following this structure:

Wrap-up client briefing, expectations
Wrap-up of initial group ideas
Introduction of final video marketing campaign
Describe the campaign answering the questions listed as objective to the third meeting.
Client’s reaction to the campaign.
A very detailed PPT has to be delivered following the structure listed above.
In addition, the final video has to be delivered to us on DVD in a standard video format.
The whole seminar is designed as a workshop and learning will be on the job, not through lectures.
Overall, we believe that this seminar will be a great learning on the job that offers students fantastic insights into the work of video creatives.
We hope to see you in class!

Location: tba also please see Vorlesungsverzeichnis

Further information:

Don’t forget to officially register yourself using the registration tools at the University of Zurich AFTER you have received our informal acceptance notification.

The information in the syllabus supports the official information in the electronic university calendar (VVZ – Vorlesungsverzeichnis). In case of doubt, the official information at the VVZ is valid.

The syllabus 2020 is available here. (PDF, 144 KB)