We believe that checklists are helpful tools that you can use in common situations during your studies and that should help you to find solutions to your most frequently asked questions.

How to…

  1. Participate in one of our courses.
  2. Apply for the mentorship of a bachelor, a master, or a PhD thesis?
  3. Write a semester, a bachelor, a master, a PhD thesis.
  4. Submit a bachelor, a master, a PhD thesis.
  5. Prepare for a meeting with your professor or his assistants.
  6. Correspond with our staff.
  7. be recommended by Prof. René Algesheimer.

Please check this information on the web BEFORE asking, as we are unable to field vast numbers of standard enquiries of hundreds of students.

In our Hands-on Guides section, you will find further, detailed information about how to manage things practically.