Career and life phase of an assistant professorship

An academic career typically progresses to a full professorship through the position of Assistant Professor. These positions allow young academics with opportunities to conduct independent research at an early career stage- an incentive to remain in academia. However, there remain several difficulties related to the life and career stage during this time, difficulties that can be especially problematic for women. Through longitudinal study of the work and family situations of young researchers, we will gain important insight into the central resources as well as stressors that occur during Assistant Professorships. This information will be used to create and test customized personnel development tools. While this project is primarily research-based, its practical relevance cannot be ignored. In fact, the ultimate goal of this study relates to women at the Assistant Professor level. Specifically, we aim to inform the recruitment and retention of women in academia, both before and during Assistant Professorships. By doing this, we hope to improve this position as a career phase and successful springboard for an academic career.

This project is part of the Action Plan for the promotion of equal opportunities at the University of Zurich and financed by the Federal Equal Opportunities Programme from 2013 to 2016.