Dissertations at our chair

Mure Johannes

Weiterbildungsfinanzierung und Fluktuation: theoretische Erklärungsansätze und empirische Befunde auf Basis des Skill-Weights Approach 

Hedinger Beat

Reciprocity at the Workplace. Evidence from Experimental, Personnel and Operational Matched Data

Veen Stephan

Demographischer Wandel, alternde Belegschaften und Betriebsproduktivität

Tuor Simone

Beyond Traditional Cost-Benefit Analysis of Vocational Education and Training – Worker’s and Firm’s Perspectives

Bessey Donata

Educational Investment of Youths: Empirical and Experimental Evidence

Mohrenweiser Jens

The Causes and Consequences of Apprenticeship Training – an Economic and Econometric Analysis

Janssen Simon

A task-based approach to labor market outcomes: Income, jobs, and satisfaction

Geel Regula

Dual Education and Career Consequences

Teuber Silvia

The effect of vocational education and labor market institutions on personnel and organizational strategies – an international comparison

Oswald Yvonne

Educational Decisions under Uncertainty

Rupietta Christian

Knowledge Diffusion Through Dual-Track Vocational Education and Training – A Firm Level Analysis

Balestra Simone

Education over the Life-Cycle: Class size effects, returns to education, and wage trajectories after job loss

Rinawi Miriam

Returns to Vocational Education and Training: Retention, Mobility, and Wages

Pfister Curdin

Different Educational Structures and Their Economic Impact on Individuals and the Economy

Hoeschler Peter

Skills, Personal Characteristics, and Labor Market Transitions


Eggenberger Christian

Specificity of Skill Bundles: The Effects on Wages, Mobility and Employability

Lehnert Patrick Higher Education Institutions and Their Impact on Employment and Innovation: Regional Identification and Empirical Analyses
Schlegel Tobias The Heterogeneous Impacts of Higher Education Institutions on Innovation, Firm Development and Firm Location
Pregaldini Damiano Diversity, educational production, and labor market outcomes
Schultheiss Tobias How is Firms’ Competitiveness and Workers’ Adaptability in a Technology-Driven Economy Affected by Educational Innovations? An Econometric Analysis
Kiener Fabienne Skill Bundles and Labour Market Outcomes: Identifying Different Types of Skills in Curriculum Texts by Applying Natural Language Processing