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Lecture: Law for Managers

Lecturer Dr. Paul Peyrot
Lecture number MOEC0372
Category Lecture
Date / Time / Room
Date Time Room
Mondays 4pm - 6pm TBD
Course description The course is an introduction to business law with an emphasis on setting up and managing a company. The course discusses the role of law in corporate strategy and management. All legal issues will be discussed using actual cases and students will be given practical tools (corporate documents, contracts, checklists) as used in management. Methods and concepts such as Proactive Law, Legal Management, Claim Management and Compliance Management will be introduced.
Literature TBD
Course materials and literature Course materials and lecture notes will be available on the course website (OLAT).
Prerequisites None

After this course you will:

  • Have the basic legal knowledge necessary to set up and manage a company.
  • Have the legal competences needed for contracting, negotiation, claims management and dispute resolution.
  • Be able to participate in the legal management of a company and proactively recognize legal issues and find efficient solutions to those.
  • Understand the importance of legal and ethical compliance management.
  • See law as a part of corporate strategy and as a valuable resource.
Level Master
Part of MA: Elective module
Examination Written examination (60 min), open books. Expected date: 15.06.2014, 4 pm
Credits 3 ECTS
Application Registration is not required
Language English

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