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Institut für Betriebswirtschaftslehre Innovation & Marketing Group

Recent Publications

Journal of Marketing Research

Ansari, A. M.; Koenigsberg, O. & Stahl, F. (2010): Modeling Multiple Relationships in Social Networks, conditional accepted.

Marketing Science

Algesheimer, R.; Borle, S.; Dholakia, U. M. & Singh, S. (2010): The Impact of Customer Community Participation on Customer Behaviors: An Empirical Investigation, forthcoming.

Journal of Business Venturing

Kaiser, U. & Malchow-Møller, N. (2010): Is Self-Employment Always a Bad Experience?, conditionally accepted.

Journal of Management Studies

Kaiser, U. & Grimpe, C. (2010): Balancing Internal and External Knowledge Acquisition: The Gains and Pains from R&D Outsourcing, forthcoming.

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