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Institut für Betriebswirtschaftslehre

Gäste am IBW

Prof. Dr. Michael Rose

Machine Learning

Visiting October 2023


Prof. Dr. Andrea Timmesfeld

Corporate Communication

Visiting August 2023


Prof. Dr. Aline Buetikofer

Economics of Education

Visiting March 2023


Prof. Dr. Simon Janssen

Personnel Economics

Visiting May 2023


Prof. Dr. Samuel Muehlemann

Personnel Economics

Visiting from February to May 2023


Prof. Dr. Xavier Martin

Strategy, Innovation and International Management

Visiting from September 2022 to June 2023


Prof. Dr. Matha Feldman


Visiting in April 2023


Prof. Dr. Florian Überbacher


Visiting in spring 2023


Prof. Dr. Eric Bettinger

Economics of Education

Visiting in January 2023


Prof. Dr. Christian Vögtlin


Visiting in autumn 2023


Prof. Dr. John Amis


Visiting in September 2023


Lorenzo Costantini

Social Networks

Visiting from March to May 2023


Prof. Dr. Peter Smith


Visiting from April to July 2023