Corporate Social Responsibility

The Department of Business Administration (IBW) at the University of Zurich is one of the leading research and teaching facilities of business in the German-speaking world. We carry out basic and applied research with industry, policy and social relevance. We encourage high-ranking, innovative, and ethically sensitive science. As the Faculty’s mission statement highlights, we encourage the development of scientific skills, creative thinking, and ethical reflection, and foster self-reliance and flexibility in our students. Our graduates emerge fully qualified for international careers as specialists or executives in the areas of science, economics, and politics, and are in a position to compete successfully with the graduates of leading universities worldwide. Our alumni reflect their role in a global economy in a responsible manner and take into account the economic, social and ecological consequences of their decisions.

In the following you will find some selected issues and courses of the IBW in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Selected CSR-Issues in teaching and research (alphabetical order):

  • Ethical/Responsible Leadership (Scherer)
  • Ethical/Moral Dilemmas (Sachs, Seidl, Thommen)
  • Fairness/ (Salary)Justice/ (Backes-Gellner)
  • Organizational Ethics (e.g. Compliance Organization) (Scherer, Seidl)
  • Public Goods Problems (e. g. Education, Health, Water) (Backes-Gellner, Janssen, Scherer, Schmedders)
  • Sustainable Investments/Sustainability Ratings (Backes-Gellner, Schmedders)

Selected courses with CSR issues (alphabetical order, no concluding list)

  • Business Administration I: Principles of Management (Scherer)
  • Business & Society (Sachs)
  • Ethics for Economists (Huppenbauer)
  • Globalization and Multinational Enterprises (Scherer)
  • Principles in HRM (Staffelbach)
  • Organization Theory (Seidl)
  • Theories of the Multinational Firm (Scherer)
  • Business Ethics: Moral Dilemmas (Thommen)