«UZH Business Insight» – Issue 2

In this issue of UZH Business Insight, selected articles will show you what has been cooking in our research area, in particular in the Accounting and Auditing, Marketing, Business Policy and Governance, and Management Sciences departments. Also, Dr. Renato Fassbind, a member of the IBW Advisory Board among, spoke with the editorial staff about the issue of Responsible Management Education (RME). Read more interesting articles from the Department of Business Administration and from the University of Zurich (UZH).

Evaluation of the Financial Performance of International Companies

Measuring the performance factors of companies is demanding. The net income, the other comprehensive income and partially the total income are disclosed in the financial statements. Which of these performance factors are relevant or more decision-useful for stakeholders? This article gives a critical acclaim and a comparison of the different value concepts.

Social Networks Shape the Future of Marketing

Applying social networks for marketing purposes is one of the primary research interests of the Assistant Professor for Quantitative Marketing. Recent studies show how the relationship structures of social networks should be modeled in order to identify opinion leaders in social networks and which strategies and influential factors allow for the successful development of a personal network.

Death-Related Publicity and Its Impact
on Music sales

After the death of a musician we frequently observe that her albums re-enter the charts. The goal of this study is to shed light on the underlying mechanism for this increase in after-death music sales. Using US data on weekly album sales before and after the death of 77 musicians, the authors show that the presence of incomplete customer information explains the observed patterns better than emotion-based behavioral theories.

Currency Risks from the Swiss Point of View

The large appreciation of the Swiss Franc has made Swiss exporters less profitable. At first glance, swings in the value of the Franc make currency hedging seem like an attractive option. However, once the gains from higher foreign interest rates are taken into account, the case for hedging becomes considerably more ambiguous.

Interview: Responsible Management Education

The Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology at UZH considers the topic of responsible management education to be one of the most important issues. For that reason, they have started an initiative, whose goal is to prepare students better for their responsible roles in a global economy and to sensitize them to the importance of the complex interactions between economic, social and ecological factors. Against the background of the objective, the editorial staff spoke with Dr. Renato Fassbind, the Advisory Board Member of the Deparment of Business Administration.

You will find the podcast interview for "Responsible Management Education" with Dr. Renato Fassbind on our Youtube-Channel "UZH Business Leaders Insight".

IBW Weihnachtsumfrage 2011

Weihnachten steht vor der Tür und wir haben für Sie fakultätsübergreifende Einblicke in das (vor-)weihnachtliche Verhalten der UZH-Studierenden mit einer Umfrage für 2011 festgehalten. Erfragt wurden neben den mit Weihnachten verbundenen Werten sowohl die Top-Geschenke der Studierenden als auch Antworten auf die Frage gegeben, wie sich Studierende aller Fakultäten in weihnachtliche Stimmung versetzen. Frohes Fest und ein gutes Jahr 2012.